Broadfork 5, 6 or 7 tines options

Broadfork 5, 6 and 7 tines option from The American Garden Tool Co.
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  • Item #: Broadfork

W.W. Manufacturing has done it again! They have designed and manufactured the best broadfork on the market.

The heat treated, hardened all-steel broadfork is excellent for digging in heavy clay soil and rocky conditions.  

All three sizes have removable 4' all-steel handles. Minor assembly of handle to fork required upon delivery.  60" tall overall.


Tines are 10 1/2" long when measured from bar and taper down to 2.5".  4.5" spacing between the tines. 18 lbs assembled.

Easy to use when standing on the tines, sinking into the soil and rocking back and forth.

Tines are strengthened and tapered. They have a unique shape and sharpness for getting into the ground easily.


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Price $188.31